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We make no warranty on system stability or its servers, so if you feel your client is about to fall out of the game or store your items in a safe place to prevent loss. These rules may be modified at any time, not requiring notice. Always be updated. Depending on the severity of the violation of the rules or when such act is considered a crime under the Criminal Code the account may be suspended permanently. For support, please use the forum always stating the name of the character in question and further information needed. In case of fatal errors and / or system failure, the staff does not guarantee the return losses of any nature. As mentioned above, be careful with suspicious players and protect your account in order to avoid possible Hacks. Do not give your password to anyone and do not click on suspicious links. It is not accepted that two or more people play on the same account. So do not give your password to your friend and vice versa. In these cases the punishment is banishment account indefinitely. Do not use a weakness of the system for their own benefit, ie a server error or bug to confront assets. If this happens contact the staff by support email. Do not use illegal programs and macros / proxies. In the event that the player uses to develop ingame easily the punishment is permanent ban. Do not use nicknames / offensive names. Any behavior deemed offensive and destructive will be punished by the team after a review of the case. Again we emphasize, use the support e-mail for this. In the case of false judgment or the invention of the same, the player to report something that has not really happened for the staff will be punished indefinitely.