Logo Description Guild data
Cursed Paradise
♛ Sic Gorgiamus Allos Subjectatos Nunc. ➸➷ I'm not giving up, but I'm giving in: To my darker side, to my every sin. So I can fight again (8)
Total members: 7
Average level: 306
Guild level: 2143
Darkness Legacy Total members: 2
Average level: 57
Guild level: 115
Death Executioners Total members: 6
Average level: 280
Guild level: 1683
Log Horizon Total members: 1
Average level: 306
Guild level: 306
The Family Lieonheart
Te Atacaron Tanto, que tu única defensa fue cerrar tu Corazón y ser frio.
Total members: 5
Average level: 255
Guild level: 1277
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